OPC Ruling Elder Podcast

The Gift of Ruling Elders

January 14, 2023 a Podcast from the OPC Committee on Christian Education Season 1 Episode 1
OPC Ruling Elder Podcast
The Gift of Ruling Elders
Show Notes

Hear about why the Orthodox Presbyterian Church's Committee on Christian Education decided to start a podcast for Ruling Elders.  We'll be hearing from Dr. A. Craig Troxel, President of the Committee on Christian Education.

Resources from Dr. Troxel

With All Your Heart: Orienting Your Mind, Desires, and Will Toward Christ (Crossway).

OPC Doctrinal Standards Monthly Reading Schedule  and Continuous Officer Training: https://nyneopc.org/2023/01/13/elder-training/

Resources in Ordained Servant

“Biblical Qualifications for Elders.” (Archibald Alexander Allison) 3:4 (Oct. 1994): 80-96.   https://opc.org/OS/pdf/OSV3N4.pdf

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