OPC Ruling Elder Podcast

Ruling Elder Spotlight: James Gidley

November 15, 2023 a Podcast from the OPC Committee on Christian Education Season 1 Episode 11
OPC Ruling Elder Podcast
Ruling Elder Spotlight: James Gidley
Show Notes

Rev. Gregory Reynolds speaks with ruling elder Jim Gidley about his becoming a ruling elder and how he has supported the work of both the local church and the OPC.

As an elder “you are shepherding people to follow their Savior in the day to day rough and tumble of life. You’re not shepherding them to be theological experts at detecting the heresies around them. You’re shepherding people to bear the cross, to keep the commandments and basically to be Christians”

Pray more. “The time you spend speaking to God for your people is more valuable than the time you spend talking to your people for God.”

Mr. Gidley has written many helpful articles for Ordained Servant.

“Biblical Theology and the Session – Part 1: Redemptive History and the Church’s Confession of Faith” 9:2 (Apr. 2000): 35-38.
“Biblical Theology and the Session – Part 2: Redemptive History and the Church Discipline” 9:3 (Jul. 2000): 50-54.
“Biblical Theology and the Session – Part 3: Redemptive History and the Character of the People” 9:4 (Oct. 2000): 72-76.
“Covenant Blessings for Singles.” 19 (2010): 58-61.
“The Education of a Monster” 21 (2012): 86-90.
“The Future of Calvinism” 2:2 (Apr. 1993): 42-47. [reprinted 15 (2006): 79-86]
“A New Stage on the Pilgrimage of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church” 8:3 (Jul. 1999): 63-66.
“Of Creation Days and the Keys of the Kingdom” 9:1 (Jan. 2000): 21-23.
“The Soul of Frankenstein” 16 (2007): 62-65.
“The Theology of Frankenstein: Deism vs. Biblical Theism” 27 (2018): 19-24.
“The Two Cultures: A Lifetime Later” 23 (2014): 103-9.
“Why a Candidates and Credentials Conference?” 21 (2012): 45-52.